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Curated by the project ‘The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages’.

Photographs by pioneering female photographers from across Europe

Between 1900 and 1999, fashions changed along with attitudes to women, their role in society and their clothing and bodies. This gallery presents a chronological snapshot of the changing silhouettes of women's fashion in the 20th century.

Our shared industrial heritage hasn't only affected our economies and lives, but also our planet and landscapes, often negatively. This gallery explores pollution as a legacy of industrialisation across Europe.

Industrial heritage isn't just the story of firms, but the stories of workers and their experiences. This gallery shows images from across Europe of when workers have gone on strike and fought for their rights and freedoms. Curated by Europeana Comm…

Scenes, music and emotions which inspire people to search for places projected on the big screen by cinema

Explore these posters from across Europe advertising a variety of sports and sporting events. Gallery curated by Europeana Sport project partners

Whether being informed of important world events or catching up with local news, reading newspapers has been an important part of our lives for 100s of years. This gallery shows some of the ways artists and photographers have depicted us reading newspaper…

Of the plants and animals we know about, there are more than 16,000 endangered species. 99% of these are at risk due to human activities. This gallery highlights a selection of endangered and threatened plants and animals from across the world.

From calming to chilling and great forests to solitary trunks, explore these artworks which depict trees in urban and rural landscapes. Part of Urban Tree Festival

Exotic and domestic animals represented in art and photography.

This gallery features the blooms and blossoms of all sorts of flowers in paintings, fashion, design, and photographs. Find your favourite depictions of tulips, roses, hydrangeas, bluebells, lavender, cherry blossoms, poppies, sunflowers, and more.

Passionate flute playing, guitar wizardry and trumpet serenades: these musical scenes abound in joy and dedication, with a delightful touch of quirkiness.

Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn, 16 December 1770 - Vienna, 26 March 1827) is one of the most famous music composers. Explore this gallery and discover his life and works through literature, science, history and philosophy topics.

This gallery highlights a selection of well-known people from across Europe, who worked in the arts and sciences and were migrants or refugees

Migration occurs everywhere and at anytime, sometimes forced, sometimes by choice. This gallery shows photographs, sketches and drawing of people in transit, leaving their homes in search of new horizons.

Migration and art are intertwined, with migration inspiring artists as well as sometimes reflecting artists' own migration. This gallery shows depictions of migration and refugee experiences in artworks from across Europe.

Since 1985, more than 60 cities across Europe have held the European Capital of Culture title.

National Parks are places where nature is preserved, where human's influence is kept in check to protect biodiversity. If you're looking for a place to escape, explore these national parks from around Europe depicted in Europeana.

Figure dello zodiaco nell’arte attraverso le epoche e opere che ricordano le caratteristiche dei segni zodiacali nell’astrologia