Visitors to the Maritime Museum, including one wheelchair user, look at a model ship in a glass case. Behind them are several portraits and an information board with the title Leuvehaven.

Weaving stories of port and city with present-day personal testimony

Black and white photograph of a small child biting an apple. A bowl of apples on a low table in front of them.

Symbolic apples from Adam and Eve to Isaac Newton, via fairy tale and ancient myth

An etching of an elk

From Dracula’s castle to coral reefs, experience world culture with this global webcam tour

colour illustration of two whirling dervishes, with yellow, orange and green clothing

Mevlevi music found its way to Europe through a combination of historical events, cultural exchange and the global fascination with Sufism and mysticism

colour drawing showing a view of Bregenz and lake from a hill

Cultural connections between the UK and Europe

black and white illustration, boats being tossed around in very rough seas while buildings in the city of Lisbon in the background collapse

The earthquake was one of Europe's worst natural disasters

monochrome illustration, portrait of Alexandre Dumas who sits with his arms crossed at a desk with books and papers

The influence of The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask and The Count of Monte Cristo on film, theatre and music

colour photograph of a football team before a match, they were blue jerseys and white shorts

First black footballer to play for the Italian national team

The fascination for discovering the world through optical views endures over time

colour photograph of a wooden railway station building

Head architect of Swedish State Railways (Statens Järnvägar) who designed 250 train stations

black and white photograph of Josephine Baker who wears a ball gown

Inspiring photographers and designers

black and white photograph of several black people descending a gangway from a ship

Reflections on a year honouring those who came from the Caribbean to Britain

Black violinist and composer who rubbed shoulders with Beethoven, King George, and Thomas Jefferson

watercolour painting of a path by a lake in a park, a woman sits on a park bench under trees in a variety of shades of green

Artist from Gotland who lived in Switzerland and Paris

black and white photograph, a plane at night on an airport runway

Photos capturing dramatic scenes of Finland's first-ever airline hijack

Reflecting on the past and present

colour image of a black-and-white image seen through a Kinora motion picture viewer

How people watched moving images at home in the early 20th century

colour photograph, a panorama view of Toledo

How three buildings symbolise Toledo's religious heritage

colour cartoon image of a deer, rabbit and skunk

From environmental novel to famous Disney animation

an oil painting showing two nude women, one holding the other while the other's hands sprout laurel leaves.

Gruesome stories of women being transformed to escape men in Ovid's ancient Greek text